We will rarely suggest a final solution up front, instead we recommend a feasibility study and a prototype. We generally use an Agile programming approach. By delivering working, tested, deployable software on an incremental basis, with continuous input from the customer, agile development delivers increased value, visibility, and adaptability much earlier in the life cycle, significantly reducing project risk.

How we work

Intro Workshop

These workshops are the entry point for all of our client consultancy and product design. In the workshop we aim to gain a thorough understanding of your organization, the data you hold, and your business challenges. To design and engineer an effective product you have to start with the user experience and work backwards. Once we have a good understanding of your problem, your infrastructure and the desired outcome we will usually propose a feasibility study.

Feasibility Study

The feasibility study is usually a small scale fixed fee activity where we will start to scope and plan what a proof of concept project could look like. we will spend some time prototyping with a sample of your real data in order to determine whether it’s an efficient use of your resources for a proof of concept or project to go ahead. If we feel it’s not right at this stage, we will tell you before you commit any more time and money.  If we do feel there will be value to your organization in continuing with the project, we will put together some initial hypotheses outlining what we expect a proof of concept to deliver and what the outputs may be. We will also advise on costs & timings for developing the proof of concept with you.

How we work
How we work

Development / Proof of concept

In this phase of the process we will start by creating a minimum viable product. This a fully working prototype that you and your staff can test, experiment and train on. We will work with you on this phase to ensure that the product truly matches the users requirements. For a large complex product there may be several iterations through the cycle. The advantage of quickly cycling through iterations of the software in close collaboration with the customer is that we can adapt to unforeseen requirements and challenges and reduce project risk.

Product Delivery

If the proof of concept outcome is positive then all that remains is to engineer the final product. In this stage we build out the application to include all the desired features and functionality and integrate it fully into your ecosystem.  We help you plan the roll out, training and deployment. A part of product delivery is ongoing support at a level that suits you.

How we work
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