We specialize in creating a pertinent solution to your problem using appropriate technology.

What We Do

We are a custom software development company.
We specialize in creating a pertinent solution to your problem using appropriate technology.
One size does not fill all, engineering a solution that does not fit your business infrastructure and user workflows will never give value for money.
We are platform and language agnostic and will always recommend the best combination of technology for your problem.
Frequently there are no out of the box solutions in which case we can do the research to create a solution that works.


We supply a range of services including, Research and Development, Custom Software, Commercialization and Products.
You come to us with your business challenge and we will work with you to see how it might be solved with machine learning or other applicable approach. We specialize in building custom software that matches the requirements of the business and the users and that can be fully integrated into your IT infrastructure and the users workflow. We don’t supply out of the box solutions although if we look at your problem and know of a ready made solution you will be the first to know. Re-inventing the wheel is not part of our work ethic.

Complex Database Applications

In and out of the cloud, SQL and NoSQL

World Wide Web Applications

Technical and Enterprise Applications

Cross platform applications

Windows, Linux, IOS, Android and more

AI and Machine Learning

Bespoke AI and Machine Learning Solutions

Cloud Computing Solutions

AWS, Google, Baidu, Azure, Huawei, Tencent, Alibaba

Custom Software

We have a team software developers with years of experience delivering cutting edge products and solutions. The team is highly skilled in a wide range of industries, a number of which appear in our Use Cases section. Working together with you, our team will combine their skills and background knowledge with the latest AI and ML techniques to deliver projects with the best of todays technology at the core. You will always be talking to experienced system architects and software developers not sales people. But they are not just technical experts, the management team have more than twenty years experience working in custom software development. We are very cognizant of the need to deliver a product that adds value and is of material benefit to our clients.

Research and Development

We can provide everything from algorithm development based published papers carried out by our own scientists through to commissioned blue sky research at one of our partner universities. Our scientists will research the problem and, if a possible solution exists, produce a working proof of concept for your project, ready to productionize.  From experience we know how often the out of the box techniques will not work for many of the more complex problems so we have developed the expertise to create new solutions in a timely manner.


Our commercialization team are highly skilled at taking a prototype product or academic idea and creating a commercial product. In the energy sector it’s very common to have access to a broad range of research and academic ideas through sponsored research and consortia. However few companies have the internal resources to transform these great ideas into viable products that can provide them with a technological advantage over their competitors. For these types of project you retain the copyright and if we used proprietary libraries then a royalty free perpetual license is granted.


We also create fully fledged products with our partners. We are currently working on an AI system for scientific R&D that will find, contextualize and interpret information freely available on the internet. The system will act as a fast assistant that can tell you for any given field or problem who is working on what, what the most promising avenues are and what your competitors are doing. The competitor analysis will help you understand the maturity of the field, the potential market and the ideal time and route of entry.

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